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Maguires is an agricultural company founded in 2002 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Starting small, the company has grown into an extensive operation, conducting business out of two branches. Hwange Colliery has allowed us to become a notable figure in Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector. We believe we
provide our clients with the inputs needed to succeed in Africa, helping to create an environment where all who work with Maguires experience 'Agriculture made better'.

We supply fertilizers, chemicals, coal and other agricultural necessities countrywide

We hold direct distribution agreements with Kynoch (ETG), Bayer, Syngenta and Nova Agrochemicals

We have a strong focus on tobacco crops, distributing over 35,000 tonnes of high specification tobacco blends under the Kynoch/ETG Global brand



Maguires is an agricultural company founded in 2002 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The company operates out of two depots supplying fertilizers, chemicals, protective clothing equipment, and coal countrywide.

Holding a strong focus on tobacco, Maguires supplies inputs to over 150,000 small-scale farmers and 20,000 ha of commercial tobacco produced across the country annually.

We have dramatically transformed our whole operation to world-class standards. We believe we provide our clients with the inputs needed to succeed in Africa, helping to create an environment where all who work with Maguires experience ‘Agriculture made better.’

Maguires distributes

Over 35,000 tonnes of high specification tobacco blends under the Kynoch/ETG Global Brand; alongside this we have various fertilizer programs for other crops including maize, potatoes, wheat, peas and speciality crops. We also hold direct distribution agreements with Bayer, BASF Syngenta and Nova Agro Chemicals, controlling some 40% of the nations’ Agrochemical business.


Along with supplying fertilizers and chemicals countrywide, Maguires is a major distributor for Hwange Colliery coal; we have control of a major rail depot in Harare and distribute coal to farmers across the country. We have also brought to market affordable protective chemical gear as well as establishing a fully functioning recycling facility to eventually recover every plastic bottle and bag sent out by us.

Company Profile

To implement industry leading sustainable farming practises that lead to a strong and more robust African agricultural industry across all the areas that Maguires are involved in.



Providing quality products and services is of the utmost importance to us at Maguires, which is why we embark on a series of research and development exercises year on year.

Every year, Maguires conducts fertilizer and chemical trials on both small-scale and commercial plots.

The aim of these trials is to find the best possible solutions whereby growers gain the greatest yields at the most affordable costs in the Zimbabwean agricultural climate.

This current growing season (2022-23), there are several trial plots scattered around the country. Comparisons are done between the different chemicals and fertilizers as well as insects, diseases, nematodes, and weights in each row. All the trials are monitored closely by our agronomists, and progress is detailed in reports, accessible on our website.

Since soils supply the essential nutrients that our plants need to grow and flourish, Maguires have introduced soil sampling for the convenience of our clients. Through testing and analysis, the nutrient levels in the soils can be examined to distinguish deficiencies and abundances.

At Maguires we are always looking ahead, trying to improve the manner in which we conduct our business, as well as looking for ways of eradicating any harmful effects our business may have on the environment it coincides with.

One of our proudest developments has been the launch of the Recycling Facility at Maguires Exchange Depot in Willowvale. The facility encompasses a plastic cutting machine and a Heliosec Cage, which was kindly donated by Syngenta in 2021. The initiative is focused on recovering and recycling as many empty plastic agro-chemicals bottles and containers as possible.

In conjunction with our Recycling Initiative, we work closely with plastic manufacturing company Corbett & Co, who refabricate recycled plastic into various other products for reuse. Not to mention the Maguires crates and buckets that are used profusely in our small-scale distribution, which too are made from recycled materials.

We want the auditor and customer to inspect our practices and show the world of agriculture that we are traceable and very serious about environmental sustainability. By getting the Zimbabwean agricultural industry on-board with our sustainable vision, we believe it will have a long-lasting impact not only on the longevity of the industry but will also impact on how the outside world views Zimbabwe’s agricultural practices.

At Maguires we think big and are continuously expanding. We have 6 large warehouses at our Exchange Depot that stock mass levels of fertilizers, chemicals, and other agricultural supplies to keep up with the demand of the country’s agricultural sector. In fact, one of these warehouses contains a highly sophisticated fertilizer blender enabling us to blend our very own fertilizer. This is done under the Kynoch/ETG brand.

When Maguires initially started, we took under our wing one commercial tobacco farmer. This number has now grown to 12. We support and finance these growers, and in return, they sell their tobacco crops through us.

We supply at least 15 tobacco companies year on year-with inputs for their farmers, and this number is ever-increasing. We constantly explore new product opportunities and root for better, more sustainable solutions that enrich all cultivation plans.

As an enterprise, we aim to operate profitably and successfully across the board. Maguires is a dynamic, rock-solid, and reliable business that is ready to help steer the Zimbabwean agricultural industry back to the upper levels it was once revered to operate within.

Our team of three agronomists spend most days out and about visiting customers around the country, averaging about 1000 kilometres each per week. They gather information and feedback from our clients to comprehend trends and transmit relevant findings and information into blogs, crop guides, and newsletters. By doing so, we hope to spread insightful agricultural knowledge to whoever concerned.

Growers are constantly looking to improve their performance, one way to do this is by interacting with other growers and sharing success stories as well as highlighting areas that were not so successful. We make sure to organize a series of annual field days and discussion groups that put on show these various case studies.

We highly treasure customer interaction and satisfaction. We strive to give back to the community through sponsorship and donations when and where possible.

Every year, we host our annual Maguires Golf Day; this is a highlight on the calendar where all our clients and supporters get to partake in a fun-filled affair. Aside from this we are normally involved in the Mud Run every year, which is hosted by Husqvarna, ADMA as well as several Golf Days and school sporting festivals.

The customer always comes first at Maguires; we aim to provide a more than satisfactory experience for every client that chooses Maguires.

The people are the most valuable asset at Maguires. Our team comprises of a small yet key number of individuals who work closely together to make Maguires what it is.

Company culture is of utmost importance to the organization; it fosters teamwork, community, and inclusivity. The workforce drives the company, continuously building Maguires into a bigger and better brand.

Some of our employees have been with us right from the beginning!

Internally, we invest in our employees and strive to provide them with experiences that hone their strengths, grow their skills, and build upon their networks.

Last year, one of our employees went to Geneva, Switzerland, in June 2022 to partake in the Syngenta Customer Event Harvesting Success and in September 2022, another employee went to Basel, Switzerland, to attend the Tymirium Technology Conference.


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